Conversation (2 Vol.)

Guðmundsson, Einar + Jan Voss

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in the first of these 2 booklets (it is the reprint of an earlier edition) a conversation between the Icelandic author Einar Guđmundsson and the German artist Jan Voss, taking turns at the type writer reacting to what the other just wrote before, but both in no way capable of the other’s language, and therefore wildly guessing what the other’s words could mean and replying in the know that they are creating one big misunderstanding, and a 2nd booklet, containing the translation of the first by Magnús Pálsson + Dieter Roth, both booklets stapled, 18 x 14 cm, 1st booklet 32 pages, 2nd booklet 22 pages, ed/1000, Bruxelles Hamburg 1977