Cracked Shells

Charamandas Cracked Shells

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“24-page zine by Swiss-Greek artist Dimitra Charamandas which, through prose poetry fragments and ink drawings, tells of a day spent probing a Greek shoreline’s “little inlets,” i.e. “a collection of potential openings; a small crack, an injury; the result of discharging energy, the rupture of a previously protective shell.

Cracked Shells establishes the presence of Dimitra sketchbooking on the threshold of sea-slapped slabbed Grecian ground seared and buckling while she meditates on punctured chelonian carapaces, humanity as emigrant panspermia cast across the cosmos, and the slackening blue hour ‘when even that which is carved in stone ungrips its unambiguity.’”

A collection of poems accompanied by black line drawings, comes with a loose postcard with reproduced drawing.

Stapled, 20 x 14 cm, 24 not numbered pages, ed/500, Krakow 2023

ISBN: 978-83-968444-3-9