Dorothy Iannone And Her Mother Sarah Pucci

Iannone, Dorothy

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Din A4 FOLDER on the occasion of an exhibition at Neue Galerie Stadt Aachen Sammlung Ludwig with images (most of them b/w) and texts, all rendered very much as an artist’s publication: containing "A Fluxus Essay And An Audacious Announcement" (5 folded Din A3 sheets), “Iannone’s Yoni” (3 Din A3 and 7 Din A4 sheets), a text by Eric Bok (and its German translation by Wulf Teichman) (1 Din A3 and 1 Din A4 sheet), a literary presentation of “My Poetic Beast” which D.I. made from her video tape done with Mike Steiner (1 Din A3 and 3 Din A4 sheets), a catalogue consisting of 3 folded Din A3 sheets and 1 Din A4 sheet of works of S.P. with the text by Dieter Roth on the occasion of a show of S.P.’s objects at Eat Art Galerie, and a “Follow Me” fold out sheet (folded out 26,5 x 54,5 cm) with the original English words and their translation to German by Dieter Schwarz, some notes on the work of Dorothy Iannone and Sarah Pucci by Wolfgang Becker (both German and English) follow together with further information about D.I and her mother including an autobiographical letter from her mother (5 folded Din A3 and 5 stapled Din A4 sheets plus 1 loose Din A4 sheet), finally there are 2 sheets with colour reproductions of paintings by D.I. and 1 of an object by Sarah Pucci, Aachen 1980