Clemmesen, Christine

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a study of abstract and concrete photography using various photographic mediums; despite the rise and acceptance of abstractionism in other art forms, photography is, still expected to in some way be figurative and representative of visual reality, even though many artist have attempted to disengage it from this so-called visual reality.

in the present work, the artist’s first publication, Clemmesen explores the relationship between photography and the abstract armed with cameras (digital and analog) as well as an image scanner; with her cameras, she captures shapes, textures and colours, rather than scenes or objects, and with the scanner she creates densely layered compositions of shapes and colours by placing various materials under the lid and shifting them around bit by bit capturing not just their shapes and colours but also their relative position in time and space, the result is not just a series of interesting and pleasing pictures but also a new unique way of approaching photography, text in English, soft cover, 27 x 16 cm, 48 pages, numbered/300, Copenhagen 2014