Ein Museum In Einem Museum A Museum Within A Museum

Schraenen, Guy (Ed.)

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boxed are all 25 ever published booklets which accompanied exhibitions throughout the 1990ties of the “Sammlung Künstlerbücher” which is part of the Neues Museum Weserburg, there they presented the publications of Christian Boltanski (1996), Marcel Broodthaers (1997), Daniel Buren (2000), James Lee Byars (this issue is a folder containing 3 envelopes, one with the actual catalogue booklet, a second with reprinted matter from various stages of the artist’s career, a 3rd envelope with a golden (looking) cd, 1995), Ulises Carrión (1992), Henri Chopin (1993), Denmark (1994), Peter Downsbrough (1993), Hans-Peter Feldmann (1999), Sol LeWitt (1994), Dieter Roth (1992), Claude Rutault (1998), Barbara Schmidt Heins/Gabriele Schmidt-Heins (1996), Jiri Valoch (1997), Ben Vautier (1998), Bernard Villers (1992), and thematical exhibitions were staged and documented in the booklets with the following titles: Bücher Über Bücher (1993), Bücher Drucksache Zu Ermässigter Gebühr (1994), Metamorphosen Des Schreibens (1995), Copie-Grafien (1995), Kunstzeitung Zeitungskunst (this issue contains next to the catalogue booklet of the exhibition a copy of the “Kreiszeitung Syker Zeitung” of Dec.12th, with many references to the exhibition and the poster “Artist Makes Headlines”(1995), Ohne Kommentar (1996/97), Hommage An Stéphane Mallarmés Würfelwurf (1998), Selbstbildnisse (2000), finally an additional booklet contains the translations of G.S. original German texts into English, each booklet soft cover, varying numbers of pages, 21, 5 x 13 x 22 cm, Bremen 2011 (many of the booklets are also separately available)