Findings On Light

Aardse, Hester + Astrid Alben (Eds.)

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“Light is one of the most essential elements for the existence of life on earth. It is the strongest and fastest form of energy. We all depend on it. But what is it when we see light? How do we see it and what can it do? The book 'Findings on Light' is an exploration of light featuring the work of more than fifty artists and scientists who shape the way we look at the world today.

A collection of fascinating and sometimes astonishing research, 'Findings on Light' sheds light on one of the most common yet mysterious phenomena in our universe, which has captivated creative thinkers for millennia. The contributors’ findings range from quirky, humorous and beautiful to mind-bogglingly complex and disturbing.

Based on the idea that creativity and curiosity are fundamental to both art and science, this book is the third volume in PARS’ Atlas of Creative Thinking, joining the series after Findings on Ice and Findings on Elasticity.”, soft cover, 27 x 20 cm, 208 pages, Baden 2016

ISBN: 978-3-03778-4907

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