Johannessen, Kurt

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“Årbostadtinden is a mountain on the island of Andørja in the county of Troms, Norway. Andørja is considered the most mountainous island in Europe and Årbostadtinden sits 1181 metres above sea level. On the 10th of July 2011 approximately 800 people reached the top of Årbostadtinden, many of them walking as fast as they could. The first person to reach the top took only 50 minutes and 27 seconds. Some of the walkers carried each their own seed to scatter at the top. This book is a documentation of this work”, portraits of people with pictures of seeds on each opposite page, text in Norwegian and English, soft cover in dust jacket, 13 x 13 cm, 56 not numbered pages, ed/600, (Bergen) 2012

ISBN: 978-82-92172-71-1