Folded Time

Lim, Nosik

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published on the occasion of an exhibition, a photo documentation of the exhibition of the same title at HapjungJigu in Seoul (2017), features photographs of the exhibition space and reproduced artworks; shadowy oil paintings in which the artists uses a wide range of textures, resulting in dense, layered works with an air of mystery, perhaps even evoking some sense of foreboding, like you would feel if you were to suddenly find yourself in the forest at night, a familiar place rendered uncanny and unfamiliar by darkness, the views captured by Nosik Lim (some rather abstract, others easier to recognise) are inspired by the surroundings of the farm where the artist grew up, with a text by art critic Soyeon Ahn (Korean and English), hard cover, 70 pages, 21 x 13,5 cm, ed/150, Seoul 2019

ISBN: 979-11-966735-2-9