Fyrste Natt På Månen

Johannessen, Kurt

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“This is the follow-up to Looking for the Moon (1990). It is a collection of landscape photographs shot from directly above. The landscape is slightly rugged with craters spread out. One has reached the moon, and night may come. The cover is a picture of a sleeping girl. The photos are printed on very thin paper, so that the pictures almost merge together”, this book consists of a series of 20 enigmatic photographs printed in monochromatic grey, the images strikingly resemble the cratered surface of the moon, but are they?, the delicate and attentive documentation turns the same precision of mapping so often associated with celestial bodies to a surface that would usually be overlooked, bringing into question the standards by which we consider a location to be of significance, soft cover, 20 x 20 cm, 48 not numbered pages, ed/400, (Bergen) 1992