Graaschoreografieën Grazing Choreographies


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“Grazing Choreographies consists of forty-eight drawings of grazing patterns and a corresponding day/log, in chronological order. Grazing Choreographies will be bilingual, Dutch, and English. The first part takes you to the Swiss Alps’ mountainous landscape, where cows roam along steep slopes. In the second part, you travel to the flat Groningen landscape with its demarcated meadows like clean cut sheets of paper. At the same time, you will read about the grazing behavior and social interaction of cows, new ways of looking, signs of movement, and how one can try to control a sheet of paper in all kinds of weather”, a beautifully constructed book that documents the unique linear patterns created by Dutch and Swiss cows while grazing, with accompanying notes that are “sometimes practical in nature, sometimes digressive”, text in Dutch and English, soft cover, 19,5 x 26 cm, 55 not numbered fold-out pages, Den Haag 2021

ISBN 978-90-8138877-1