Schützenberger, Julia + Notburga Karl

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a series of b/w photographs that show nude models hanging from ropes suspended from the ceiling of a studio, a documentation of the various bodies (or parts of bodies), the ropes and the surrounding space; there is something theatrical about these photographs: the bare, high-ceilinged spaces, dramatic lightning that casts long shadows, and in the middle the naked bodies, completely stretched out by the downwards pull of gravity, these stilled images of suspended bodies are interspersed with photographs taken in between the stilled suspended poses, views of the space, a ladder, the ropes, or more dynamic shots of the models preparing for their suspension; the act of hanging, performed by naked bodies, brings to mind various other associations, both morbid and erotic, with a text in German, soft cover, 26,5 x 21,5 cm, 56 not numbered pages, numbered/400, München-Akademie Band II, Feldafing 2002

ISBN: 3-923091-04-4