Head Giving Face


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Confessions from the culture of constant distraction”; a book of digital collages with a mysterious origin, as explained by the editor’s note:

“the following Keynote presentation (originally saved as “Deck_Final”) was discovered on a USB found under a first-class seat of a Gatwick Express train in December 2018. The presentation is exhibited here, verbatim, with its slides in original order – except for the final four pages which in their original form were post-it notes – wrapped around the aforementioned USB. The title and subtitle are both inspired from text within the presentation and is, including this [editor’s note], the only curated content produced by the publishers. The front cover is the presentation’s original and its author still remains unknown.”

Although the intended function of this series of slides may forever remain a mystery, casting the contents of the lost flash drive in the form of an artists’ book has led to the work gaining a new, perhaps unintended, purpose and readership, in its present form this collection of collaged images and prose or diary-like texts seems to pose questions about authorship, intentionality, and medium vs. message, while the story running through the slides like a thread, weaves through pop culture, political history, pornography and philosophy, at times profound and at times carnal.

Soft cover, 19,5 x 15 cm, 124 partially numbered pages, (London?) 2020

ISBN: 9789492563743