I Heard The Voice

Kumagai, Seiji

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a series of full-colour photographs of trees reflected on the surface of a body of water, sometimes the water is smooth as a mirror and behaves like one too, the reflection almost resembling a direct view of the tree tops rather than an indirect one, sometimes small ripples and undulations on the surface of the water softly blur the pictures turning them into impressionistic paintings, when ripples become gentle waves the resulting tableaus become more abstract, the trees turning into twisting shapes and colours; water is not the only thing that moves in these pictures though, time also passes steadily throughout the series: the greens and yellows of early autumn gradually turn gold and red, before the trees become bare and the water turns clouded with frost; leafing through this book is a wonderfully calming and meditative experience, with a reproduced pen drawing and a short text in Japanese, soft cover, 28 x 22 cm, 20 not numbered pages, ed/500, (Tokyo) 2010