Irradiation 33

Martins, Miguel Angelo

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 ‘Irradiation 33 arises from the artist Miguel Angelo Martins’s interest in working with the Porta33 archive. This artwork not only reflects his personal experience as a user of this space but also the importance of the archive as a site that disseminates information and knowledge for the community of the Madeira Island. For one month the artist compiled printed material from the archive, which resulted in a personal selection of 35 items – both publications and postcards- that form part of this installation. The dialogue that he has established through the juxtaposition and superposition of the material can be seen on the bookshop table, and seeks to establish possible links with the island by the building bridges between the text and image, the far and the near, the outside and the inside, the public and the private’.

This publication exists more in the category of an artwork than a book. Its format consists of 11 folded A2 photographs that are beautifully printed. The design of this work presents its content through a tactile and tender experience of each unfolding of the photographs.

33 x 24 cm (folded), Malaga 2022

ISBN: 978-989-33-3534-5