JAB 39 The Journal Of Artists’ Books

Freeman, Brad (Ed.)

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JAB 39 is the Australian issue. The cover was conceived by Gwen Harrison and Sue Anderson, prited at Plumb Letterpress in Sydney. The image on the cover is made from an original etching from Gwen and Sue’s book ‘Howl for a Black Cockatoo’. Containing the articles ‘Notes on Artists Books from the Antipodes’by Tim Mosely, ‘ABBE: Artist’s Books Brisbane Event’by Sarah Bodman, ‘Coming to Our Senses with Modern Mythic Form: Postliteracy in Artistsbooks’by Lyn Ashby. With more by Marian Crawford, Caren Florence, Gabriella Wilson, Angela Gardner and Kerry Kilner, Dr Victoria Cooper, Time Mosely, Deidre Brollo, Bridget Hillebrand, Woody Leslie and Megan N. Liberty. On the inside back cover, three books are inserted; ‘Wall to Wall’by Lyn Ashby, ‘Hemmed’by Deidre Brollo and ‘Directed Smooth Space’by Tim Mosely.

Stapled, 56 pages, 28,5 x 21 cm, Chicago,Spring 2016.