Just Another Ray

Vande Veire, Maud

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Just Another Ray is comprise of 2 volumes. The 1st volume has one soft cover, 29,5 ,5 x 20,5 cm and 64 pages. It is written as though it is the script for a play. The reader is initially introduced to characters; Philip (P), Ray, Narrator (N) and Interviewer (I) and Pauses that comprise of 7 symbols which occur during the texts  in the book.

Each chapter is named after a various subject within the play ie; ‘Spider’, ‘Mary’ and ‘That Hidden Thing.’ It is certainly a playful way of presenting a narrative. Written in English.

The 2nd volume is in ahorizontal newspaper-like format, 21 x 29,5 cm, 24 not numbered pages. This is comprised of achival images all in the same size and within the same row and column format. These b/w images all seemingly connect to each other visually/ through its subject yet each one also appears to be from a different context. ed/200, Antwerpen n.y.