Kurt Johannessen

Johannessen, Kurt

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“Many of [Johannessen’s] works seem introverted and quiet-mannered, but they nevertheless allow us to experience the mostfleeting and magnificent aspects of existence. Their relation to nature calls to mind older mystical and romantic ideas, but is also linked to a specific Nordic sensibility in art. With his reflection over the relation to nature, Kurt Johannessen’s works are an original contribution to a central field of Norwegian and Nordic art. By moving back and forth between art-institutional spaces, deeply significant places and isolated outposts, he presents himself alternately as a messenger, a mediator and a mystical communicator. In his art Kurt Johannessen traverses an overwhelming span, between what he himself calls ‘everything and nothing’”, an “[e]xtensive catalogue with a presentation of works from 1984-2007 … Broad presentation of several performances, installations, videos, books and other works”, on the occasion of several exhibitions, with texts (Norwegian and English) by Marit Eikemo, Audun Eckhoff and Øystein Hauge, hard cover, 26,5 x 20,5 cm, 216 pages, ed/2500, Bergen 2007

ISBN: 978-82-921-72-43-8