Kurt Johannessen 1996-2000

Johannessen, Kurt

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“Kurt Johannessen holds a significant position in contemporary Norwegian art, and has for a long time. His many invitations to central art institutions and art events, international as well as national ones, is evidence of this … The fact that he still enjoys the position that he has in Norwegian art life, among artists and critics who represent a broad specter of directions and expressions, is very comforting. It tells us that artistic integrity and quality prevail in the meeting with trends and time”, “Documentation of installations, performance and other works. Chiefly from the period 1996-2000, but including references to earlier work”, a richly illustrated catalogue with texts (Norwegian/English) by Dag Sveen, soft cover, 22 x 21 cm, 64 pages, ed/2200, Bergen 2000

ISBN: 82-92172-04-1