Labyrinte De Versailles. Der Irrgarten Zu Versailles Oder Führung Durch Äsops Labyrith Der Psyche

Eisendle, Helmut

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the publication of 1690(?) by Johann Ulrich Krauss 1655-1719) newly edited and supplemented by H.Eisendle, Krauss’s engravings of the fountains of Versailles, which are based on fables by Aesop, are accompanied by a text on the fable in question (in French and German), Eisendle has included his own poems printed on nearly translucent pages which allows the antique engravings to serve as a background for the poem, a photograph of Eisendle by Heiner Pölzl, made to look like an engraving, is also included, soft cover, 15 x 10 cm, 96 reprinted pages alternating with just as many of a translucent kind of paper with the editor's additions, ed/1500, Berlin Erlangen 1975