Little Critic Pamphlet No.17 A Phylum Press Selection

Deming, Richard + Nancy Kuhl (Eds.)

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“[T]he hope of Phylum Press is to mark out the possibilities of a community of poets, ones coming into their own sense of place and moment”, an anthology of poetic works from the first two years of Phylum Press, with works by by Joel Bettridge, Susan Briante, Richard Deming, Cathy Eisenhower, Dan Featherston, Graham Foust, Peter Gizzi, Lorraine Graham, Michael Kelleher,  Nancy Kuhl, Kristin Prevallet, and Robert Tejada, edited by Richard Deming and Nancy Kuhl, text in English, soft cover, 21 x 14,5 cm, 40 pages, Clonmel 2003