Loose Ends

Stigmark, Karl-Johan

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“All the staples, silks, cords, flax, flosses, strands, ligatures, shreds, wires, lisles, threads, piles, ravels, shoelaces, thrums, twines, warp, wool, yarns, cilia, fibrils, grain, hair, shreds, strips, tendrils, threads, cotton, stamens, tissue, veins, web, braids, strings, fibers, gossamer, filaments, ribbons, lints, woof, wefts, bands, ropes, thongs, ties that come my way.”

A photographic (and textual) exploration of all sorts of strings, cords and wires and the contexts in which they exist or in which they are deliberately positioned; a work that touches upon many different themes such as space, composition, functionality, movement or materiality, text in English.

Hard cover, 17 x 22,5 cm, 48 not numbered pages, Stockholm 2011

ISBN: 978-91-85905-31-7