Melted Stars

Chan Yik Long, Oscar

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“’I splash ink on paper. Then I follow my hands, letting them do their thing. As I observe the result, my mind searches for a face. From the face I sense a creature. I develop this creature. Really I work with the splash. It’s already decided once the splash is done.’

Zine of astral choreographies and ink-spawned mythologies. Helsinki-based Hong Kong artist Oscar CHAN Yik Long taps the ecstatically eldritch by splashing ink on paper and then letting the mind-in-his-hand intuit a creature. Rapidly drawing these mythic beings out of the shadows and into the spectacular light, the artist gorgeously renders some wretched ends. …

Published as part of the PF25 (Basel+Hong Kong) Hands project.”

A series of fantastical individually titled ink drawings drawn from splashes of ink, the resulting creatures have a dynamic quality to them and seem to jump off the pages of this zine, stapled, 20 x 14 cm, 16 not numbered pages, ed/100, n.p. 2022

ISBN: 978-83-965968-0-2