Metamorphosen Des Schreibens

Schraenen, Guy (Ed.)

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a catalogue featuring primarily the work of Mirtha Dermisache, as well as other artists who produced book-like works featuring deconstructed, non-semantic writings: Johanna Adamczewska, Marcel Broodthaers, William Burroughs, James Lee Byars, Ulises Carrión, Guy de Cointet, Pierre Cordier, Hanne Darboven, Christian Dotremont, Peter Downsbrough, Jean Dubuffet, Jochen Gerz, Brian Gysin, Wilfried Huet, J.H. Kocman, Tom Phillips, Raymond Queneau, K.B. Schäufflen, Timm Ulrichs, b/w reproductions accompanied by a text by publisher Guy Schraenen, published on the occasion of an exhibition at Neues Museum Weserburg in Bremen, text in German, stapled, 21 x 21 cm, 24 not numbered pages, Band 11 in the series ‘Sammlung der Künstlerbücher’, Bremen 1995

ISBN: 3-928761-19-6