Milon Novotný Annina Lingens Ausschnitt Fotografie

Lingens, Annina

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the artist used her paper knife on a copy of a 1993 publication from Prague on photographer Milon Novotný: “Milon Novotný Fotografie”, edited by Zdeněk Kirschner, the altered catalogue was reprinted resulting in the the present book, all the people in the original b/w photographs have been carefully cut out of the picture, sometimes multiple images are collaged together, creating strange environments populated by sharply outlined blank spaces that were once people, through these cut-out human shapes we can see the next pages; bits of texts or another photograph, a blank page or maybe a combination of text and image, creating dense layers of printed material within the borders of the cut-out figures; when turning a page with a cut-out figure, the same the spectral human-shaped hole, now mirrored and floating outside of its original frame, appears in a new and unexpected context on the other side of the paper, original text in Czech and English, stapled, 28,5 x 20,5 cm, 24 not numbered pages, n.p. 2009