Suits, Bonne + Viviane Sassen + Guus Kaandorp

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“Moerheim tells the personal story of fashion designer Bonne Reijn and the origin of his suit brand Bonne Suits. His view on fast fashion is portrayed by photographer Viviane Sassen. To imitate the hypnotising nature of consumerism that's often linked with fashion photography, Sassen made portraits of hypnotised models. Prints of these portraits were then taken to the gardens of world-famous landscape architect (and his great-aunt) Mien Ruys, in Dedemsvaart and photographed again by Guus Kaandorp and Lou-Lou van Staaveren. Bonne grew up here under the watchful eye of his mother Willemijn and his great aunt, Mien. Both passed away when Bonne was eight years old. In these childhood memories and in this significant and forming loss, lie the roots of Bonne Suits. In Moerheim the photography is coupled with a foreword by Alma Mathijsen and two poems by musicians Camiel Muiser (Petersburg) and Rayvel Pieternella (Ray Fuego).”

An intimate and introspective journey containing photographs (both new and old), poems, reproduced correspondence and maps, soft cover, 26 x 20,5 cm, 86 not numbered pages, text in English and Dutch, ed/500, Amsterdam 2021

ISBN: 7989090347264