Notes On A Place

Metsäranta, Kimmo

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This book “describes modified architectural cityscapes. In the series places become artificial, and their three-dimensionality is lost. The everyday scene presents itself as an unusual, stage-like imitation of itself. The images balance between surrealism and realism.”

A series of altered photographs of architectural features, where flat empty spaces are exaggerated, often by removing or rearranging windows and doors, with an epilogue by Hanna Weselius, who concludes the following:

“A building’s primary reason for being is to serve humans: to put them in their place and give them an address, warm them, shelter them, care for them, provide them with food and commodities – to thus in every way enable their long, superior, ubiquitous existence.

When all traces of people are removed from pictures, you begin to add people to them in your mind. But if we reverse that automatic process and try to think another way, images void of people can become cornucopias.”

The series Notes on a Place was captured in Finland and Iceland between 2015 and 2022, design by Janne Hänninen and Agency Leroy, translation by Minna Jeffery, text in Finnish and English, with inserted picture postcard.

Cloth-bound hard cover with tipped-in photograph, 31 x 26,5 cm, 112 not numbered pages, Helsinki 2023

ISBN: 978-952-65243-0-6