OFFFENCE Collective

OFFENCE Collective

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‘An Experiment in Education’, published at the Design Academy Eindhoven:
“Started as a self-initiated minor within the Design Academy of Eindhoven, OFFFENCE Collective aims to challenge the existing notions of education. In this publication OFFFENCE was granted carte blanche to experiment within the limits of publishing featuring their self-developed educational system, reports from six months in Matera (Italy), various experiments and workshops, and a toolkit to help you overthrow your own educational institute!”

A richly illustrated magazine documenting the collective’s search for new learning and publishing models:

“We are OFFFENCE, a collective created in 2018 by 12 students of Design Academy Eindhoven who wanted to explore the possibility of setting up our own education.

Our goal was to create an environment in which we could learn collectively, in dialogue with each other, and in direct relation to our surroundings. In a context far removed from the reality of an institution. We took things into our own hands, and gave ourselves the choice to teach one another.

Setting up OFFFENCE was a process of learning in and of itself – be it developing a curriculum, reflecting on our core values, working with collaborators, managing the budget, finding shared living and working spaces, establishing communal ways of being.”

Stapled, 28,5 x 22.5 cm, 60 partially numbered pages, ed/400, Amsterdam 2019