Other Other Other Other Exercises

Johannessen, Kurt

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“Other Other Other Other Exercises is book number four in the series. The first book, Exercises, was published in 1994. Other Other Other Other Exercises engages in the same type of action-oriented activities we find in Other Other Exercises (2012). At the same time, the research into time, space and placement in the later About-Something books has also made its mark on this book – as it has in much of Kurt Johannessen’s recent works.”

The sequel to Exercises from 1994, Other Exercises from 2004, Other Other Exercises from 2012, and Other Other Other Exercises from 2015; statements are presented in small delicate text on stark white pages with wide margins, for example: “Imagine the impossible and invite it up to dance” and “Hold your hands together so that they make a cavity. Open them gently so that the cavity can come out”.

Soft cover, 10 x 10 cm, 128 not numbered pages, (Bergen) 2023

ISBN: 978-82-8363-037-4