Øyvind and the Øyvind-Plan

Johannessen, Kurt

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“Øyvind and the Øyvind-Plan is book no. 4 in The Teeny Tiny series. The book deals with Øyvind and his plan in the face of the reality. It turns out that there are many other plans out there and not least within Øyvind. Many of these other plans may have conflicting directions in relation to the Øyvind-Plan, or perhaps only a few of the other plans are out of step with the Øyvind-Plan. In any case, it can lead to something not going according to plan.”

Schematic drawings and handwritten texts about a man with a plan.

Soft cover in dust jacket, 15 x 11 cm, 32 not numbered pages, ed/300, no.4 in 'The Teeny Tiny' series, Bergen 2024

ISBN: 978-82-8363-049-7