Pavel Büchler Absentmindedwindowgazing

Sarigedik Öktem, Esra (Ed.)

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“The production of works is still at the heart of the conventional definition of what artists do. I certainly make things; but what interests me is what those things that I make do: the consequences of the work rather than the work in itself. If there is any purpose in this activity, then it is in the effects of that labour, in the long term and relative to their setting, making some qualitative difference in somebody’s perceptions of the world or life. For that, you have to do something and leave something of your own behind, but I don’t believe that the world needs a constant supply of ‘new things’.”

published on the occasion of several exhibitions, illustrated with many photographs of the exhibition spaces and reproductions of works, with illuminating essays about the exhibited works by Charles Esche, Chuz Martinez, Francois Bucher, Nick Crowe, Andrew Hunt, Joan Key, Paul O’Neill, Jiri Drasnar and a conversation between Büchler, Esche and Philippe Pirotte, text in English, German and Dutch, soft cover, 240 pages, 20 x 16 cm, Eindhoven 2007

ISBN: 978-90-8690-080-0