Perfect Love

Büchler, Pavel

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“Perfect Love explores Robert Musil’s conception of space and time reflected in the linguistic texture of the novella ‘Perfecting of a Love,’ 1911. Pavel Büchler creates a reading experience in which the sense of time and space is freed from the continuity and the progressive logic of the narrative. By removing almost all the text from the standard English edition of the novella, except for similes, but retaining the spatial distribution of the remaining fragments of the text on the pages, Büchler activates the typographic space. In turn, the physical space of the book is structured by language and language itself is presented as material open to imaginary manipulation in the tradition of conceptual sculpture pioneered by Lawrence Weiner. The project is a part of Büchler’s ongoing investigation into the relationship between the limitless semantic potential of language and the material and technological limitations and possibilities of working with words within an object-oriented art practice”, a heavily edited version Robert Musil’s Perfecting of a Love in which only the similes are left standing in their original place, all other text has been removed, soft cover, 21 x 13,5 cm, 48 pages numbered from 180-222, ed/500, n.p. 2018

ISBN: 978-1-907468-31-5