Please Hold

Letria, Pedro

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“’The dogma of those who govern in Lisbon nowadays is that there is no alternative to the system of collective penury signed with the Troika. The Portuguese National Budget for 2013 is a historical watershed. It puts an end to an age by tearing up a contract with a society which, after the Carnation Revolution, dreamed of being very different from what, today, “Europe” is pitilessly telling it to be: it is no longer a newly rich nation among poor countries but is instead a passé poor nation among the rich.’ Pedro Rosa Mendes

'Please Hold' gathers an essay by the journalist Pedro Rosa Mendes about the historical origins of the present economical crisis in Portugal and photographs by the collective Kameraphoto taken in 2012 in Portugal. The book aims at participating in the constitution of a visual memory of contemporary political issues.”

A collection of photographs of political themes (protesters, raised fists, politician, etc.) interspersed with portraits of people, often in everyday settings (at home cooking, kissing in the streets, etc.) and then there are some more bizarre and grisly scenes; these photographs by Kameraphoto, together with the loosely inserted essay by Pedro Rosa Mendes, sketch a picture of a country in politically turbulent times, stapled, in a printed-on plastic sleeve, 30 x 21 cm, 40 + 12 not numbered pages, ed/400, Lisbon 2013

ISBN: 978-989-98298-1-7