Preludium 2

Johannessen, Kurt

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“The book is richly illustrated with photos from the performance Preludium 2, which was shown in Dale church 2-4. September 2022. The start of the work was the collection of 495 glass vases/glasses which were filled with water and displayed in the aisle of the church. On the third day, a little color dripped into the glass. The names of those who borrowed glass for the project are listed in the book. Gunnar Danbolt has written a text about the project.”

A publication documenting the artist’s performance in the picturesque Dale church which involved many transparent glass vessels of water to which drops of dye were added, resulting in slowly dissolving burst of colour, with many full-page and full-colour photographs, printed on thin, vaguely see-through paper, photographs by Monica Takvam and Pavana Reid, with a reflective text by Gunnar Danbolt in Norwegian and English, translation by Pauline Ann Hoath.

Cloth-bound hard cover with foil-blocked detail, 20,5 x 17, 240 not numbered pages, Bergen 2023

ISBN: 978-82-8363-034-3