Remains Of Today

Otto, Marit

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A series of 100 small communicating artworks; the works, made from found material/leftovers and none of them bigger than 30x30 cm, reflect the following concepts: they are ‘Verbals’ (meaning that they incorporate short written statements), they are ‘UFO’s’ (that is to say they are ‘Unidentified Found Objects’), they are ‘Circular Art’ (since they repurpose leftover materials), they exist in a certain ‘Context’ (their backstory, how they came to be and under which circumstances), and finally, they are part of a ‘Society of Images’ (they do not exist in a vacuum); the ‘Remains of Today’ series is ongoing and ever growing since 2018.

Text in Dutch and English, hard cover, 21,5 x 21,5 cm, 112 not numbered pages, ed/100, Zwolle 2021