Rene Guiette Fotografisch Werk OEuvre Photographique

Guiette, Rene

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a diverse series of b/w photographs by Belgian painter and photographer Guiette (1893-1976), who explores traditional subjects such as carefully staged (nude) portraits but also goes beyond tradition by focussing on small details (folded hands) or capturing moments that seem more spontaneous and dynamic (the blurred shape of a man descending a stairwell), Guiette captured models, friends and fellow artists but also expresses an interest in his environment (particularly his native Antwerp) and sees compositions and artistic potential in everyday scenes and situations: serious-looking circus performers still in costume smoking a cigarette behind the tent, the metal frame of a rooftop advertisement sign seen from behind, gleaming tram rails dissecting the streets in gentle curves, or carefully stacked and bundled slabs of what appears to be Portuguese cork loaded onto a truck.

In his photographs, Guiette appears to be focussed on capturing the beauty of (accidental) shapes, patterns and compositions rather than an easily recognisable representation of his subjects, taking a modernist, almost cubist approach to the life around him; published on the occasion of an exhibition, with texts in French and Dutch by Guy Schraenen and Pool Andries as well as a short biography, soft cover, 29,5 x 23 cm, 64 not numbered pages, Antwerpen 1987