Johannessen, Kurt

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“The texts in See–Am were first presented in the performance Orange (2014), but they emanate from the About-Something series. See–Am could be said to summarize the last books in the series. The book About Transparency (2015) contains many of the same ideas as See–Am, but the forms are different. One could say that Kurt Johannessen’s work with text and performance in recent years has come to material expression in this book. See–Am is a collection of 32 short texts that are combined in a mathematical way. I see myself. You see yourself. The seed sees the seed”, brief statements using the verbs ‘see’ and ‘am’ (as in ‘sees’ and ‘is’), hard cover, 13,5 x 10,5 cm, 74 not numbered pages, ed/500, (Bergen) 2015

ISBN: 978-82-92172-93-3