Shit (Scheisse)

Kessels, Erik

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“There is no dignity in war, no modesty either. Erik Kessels exposes a particularly shitty aspect of war, one that is usually left out of the history books. Despite the horror and chaos of conflict some aspects of daily life continue, even on the battlefield.

Shit is a pictorial history of German soldiers doing their business in battle during WWII”,

46 found photographs of soldiers on the toilet (or what passes for a toilet in these situations) during the war ad hoc or under improvised circumstances, an aspect of war one does not often think about, but daily life has to continue despite all, it is interesting to see how the soldiers behave during this act; some are captured on the sly, others notice the camera and respond with either bashful faces or cheeky grins, some men prefer solitude and a good book while others enjoy company and a chat, we see simple soldiers as well as officers because, after all, everyone poops; a wide range of photographs in different sizes and formats, printed one photograph per two pages, with a brief text in English, hard cover, 23,5 x 17 cm, 106 not numbered pages, Paris 2018

ISBN: 979-10-90306-80-6