Skins (I'll Have a Double High Society on the Rocks)

Mull, Carter

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“Fluency across mediums, collaboration, and material production engender the work of Carter Mull. Reflecting critically on the decentralization of mass communication by establishing speculative archives within his own prodigious output, Mull performs multiple roles within culture at large engaging both the production and the circulation of images. From painter and photographer, to collector and curator, to designer and publisher, Mull’s practice treats the boundaries around segments of culture like parts of a montage, to be at times delineated, and at other times joined in an illicit union. Working from a deep history of artists who deal with the image on theoretical terms, his artistic language takes into account the social drive and dimension of the contemporary subject. Sensitive to the relationship between time and subjectivity, his project speaks to the basic units by which we trade personal desires and emotional responses.”

In this work, Mull presents us with a vibrant collection of materials; photographs of people and markets in L.A., fashion pictures, photoshoots, text fragments, art works and collages; in this collection, art and fashion interact and the boundaries between high art and pop culture and fashion are blurred, soft cover, 20,5 x 13 cm, 54 pages, ed/500, Los Angeles 2013

ISBN 978-0-9839754-2-7