Some Limericks

Douglas, Norman

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Some Limericks, or to give it its full title, Some Limericks Collected for Students and enspeldour’d with Introduction, Geographical Index, and with Notes Explanatory and Critical has the dubious distinction of being one of the most frequently pirated books of all time. Since its first appearance in 1928 illegal editions have appeared with remarkable regularity. Once considered obscene, it reprints a large number of the most “savoury” limericks ever penned, accompanied by illuminating commentaries and a “Geographical Index”. The author’s erudition effortlessly traverses topics as diverse as the mudflats of Leigh-on-Sea, the dahlias of Central America, and the habitat of the Silesian tapeworm”, the most hilarious rhymes and the most sophisticated commentaries finally available again and no need to whisper if you want them!, with an introduction by Stephen Fry.

Soft cover, 17 x 15 cm, 112 pages, Atlas Eclectics & Heteroclites no.11, London 2009