Spaces, Stories, Geographies

Bilankov, Ana

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“Ana Bilankov’s first comprehensive monograph and at the same time an artist’s book is structurally conceived as a kind of experimental film, a non-chronological storyboard of her conceptual art works made in the media photography, video / experimental film, installation and text in the last twenty years. Structured into ten chapters, the book raises a series of questions on the subject of poetics/politics of dislocation, migration, nomadism, individual and collective memory and construction of identity within ‘in-between-ness’.”

an exploration of ‘spaces’, particularly the so-called ‘in-between-spaces’ where art occurs, includes a wealth of photographic and video material as well as two essays; one by Leonida Kovač, the other by Marijan Krivak, text in English and Croatian, hard cover, 29,5 x 23 cm, 224 pages, Zagreb 2019

ISBN: 978-953-48548-0-8