Tableaux Zyklen Räume Schriften 1960-1979

Rosz, Martin

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“Everything Martin Rosz creates is a vestige of his own life, the search for his lost being. Seeing, experiencing, reflecting, making conscious — and to transpose all this into images and words: an endless, outward directed inner monologue made visible. What emerges is not the ‘art’ Alexander Dorner put in quotation marks, but rather self-testimonials, fragmentary traces of a tortuous path of life, coded notes, for the deciphering of which the key is given, impressions which an extremely vulnerable sensibility has received and acted upon, meditations on coming and going. Martin Rosz, who has worn many masks for protection, for whom art is not ornament but a necessity of live that makes the actually intolerable, the absurdity of existence, tolerable by naming it, does not create pictures for museums; but to show them there anyway is expedient.” - Karl Ruhrberg

An illustrated catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition, with texts by the artist, Karl Ruhrberg, Thomas Deecke, Peter Hielscher and Eberhard Roters, with an interview with the artist conducted by Alanna Heiss, text in German and English, soft cover, 30 x 23 cm, 132 pages, Münster 1979