Techniques Of Fornication - Werben Um Ajaxander Courting Ajaxander - Aleph, Alpha, And Alfalfa

Copley, William N. + Dorothy Iannone + Emmett Williams

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3 volumes in clothbound slipcase (18,5 x 12x 3 cm) published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Berliner Amerikaner’, containing books by each of the three artists:

  • Copley’s book: Techniques Of Fornication; drawings of human figures in unusual, often amorous situations with brief handwritten descriptions, 52 not numbered pages, stamped by Copley and numbered/500.
  • Iannone’s Book: Werben Um Ajaxander  Courting Ajaxander; a gently meandering prose text on love and classical heroes in English and German translation by Wulf Teichmann, 58 pages, signed and numbered/500.
  • Williams’s book: Aleph, Alpha, And Alfalfa; alphabet poems in which antique history meets the 20th century, accompanied by graphics inspired by ancient letters, 62 not numbered pages, signed and numbered/500.

Each book soft cover, 18 x 12 cm, Berlin 1993