Temporarily – Re-Arrangement #7

Huizinga, Raymond

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“The world of Raymond Huizinga abounds with clues where the boundary between fact and fiction is constantly negotiated. One clue is carried from one image to the next and creates a sense of order, a connection that can be easily reconfigured to create another connection, some obvious, some less so… Yet one overriding feeling carries across his collection ‘re-arrangement temporaire #7’, is a double feeling of wonder and anguish at the essence of life. Is there a way out of the pain? But then again, is the pain real? Is it eternal?

Disorientation is possibly a strategy to produce new meaning, some meaning out of the trials and tribulations of ‘living together’. In front of a mirror that does not open up a new world but reflects the hinges of doors firmly shut what else can you see?”

28 colour photographs that make us pause and ponder their meaning, many of them contain sinister elements that do not in any way disrupt the calm allure of each picture, with 2 texts, one by Hala Elkoussy the other by Huizinga, who describes this work as “a collection of clusterfucks in my head”, stapled and then folded again, folded: 24 x 17 cm, unfolded and opened: 24 x 68 cm, 16 not numbered pages, (Enschede) 2009

ISBN: 978-94-90294-01-4