Textileseekers Vietnam Oktober 2022

Phuong, Thao + Anouk Nitsche

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A photo journal that “contains a collection of beautiful images captured from our October 2022 retreat, taking you on a multifaceted journey from bustling street markets to tranquil rural villages, showcasing craft, fashion, tradition and modernity while highlighting indigenous textile crafts in need of preservation.”

A visual documentation of an artist retreat in Vietnam (organised by Thao Phuong/Textileseekers) where local craftsmanship is explored, particularly as related to fabric and clothing, with the aim of inspiring the participating artists, supporting local communities, and helping preserve traditional crafts, photographs by Nitsche showing urban scenes, portraits, and many shots of fabric production, with a fragment of dark blue fabric attached to the last page.

Soft cover with tipped in photograph, 21 x 15 cm, 48 not numbered pages, numbered/100, n.p. 2023