The Divine


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“Rays of light breaking through the clouds, flickering in the sky and through the leaves of botanical life, and touching our minds, senses and dearly beloved. This is what is called the divine: heavenly, sublime, inspiration, that is, the gift from what were supposed to be deities or God. What does it mean to utter those words of the divine? Do they still mean something? Yet, faith in divine things is not about what is certain, it refers to hidden powers or knowledge in our orientations. The divine as such, therefore, can be interpreted as pointing towards the aesthetics and practices directed to the invisible or, more exactly, to what is not yet visible and, perhaps, will remain so. Although most of us would easily affirm the Death of God that Nietzsche placed in the mouth of a madmen, whose truth came too early, we can barely argue that everything has become visible in our postmodern epoch. Thus, we might ask: what are the invisible practices and orientations of the postmodern?”

Jaargang 31. Nr.4 thematic issue of a zine about art and culture, published by the University of Amsterdam. This issue’s theme is The Divine. With many contributions,   text in English and Dutch.

ISSN: 0929-7480

Stapled, 22 x 17 cm, 62 pages, Amsterdam 2023