The End Is Near. Reflections On Death.

Gudmundsson, Styrmir Örn

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‘The End is Near’, this A4 zine proclaims; ‘Reflections on Death’, the subtitle promises. Artist Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson delivers on both counts as he describes his near brush with death in the form of a faulty old water boiler.

Shaken into a ponderous state of mind, Styrmir begins to reflect on mortality, touching upon such diverse topics as Russian literature, medieval humourism and heavy metal. The text format of the zine is equally diverse; the aforementioned subjects come up in a conversation with a plumber, in a medical consultation and in an exchange of personal letters.

The material in this zine forms the basis of a performance that was, amongst others, performed at Boekie Woekie, where passers-by were so convinced that they nearly called an ambulance.

With its various themes and formats, seamlessly blended into one, ‘The End is Near’ promises to be a diverting and engaging read.

sewn, 27,5 x 20 cm, 20 not numbered pages, ed/500, Amsterdam 2012