The Hair Collection

Johannessen, Kurt

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“While one strand of hair is insignificant, it also contains an amazing amount of information. While it is beautiful and fragile, it is also fit for the dustbin. There is something poetic about gathering together strands of hair from many people, but also something disturbing. One hair in the wrong place is disgusting. Hair in the right place is beautiful. Hair in a strange place is something else.”

The result of a ten-year project, many people donated a hair to the artist’s Hair Collection together with some biographical details about the owner of said hair, these details are printed in flowing lines across the pages in a script so tiny you might need a magnifier to identify the donors’ names and details, from a distance the flowing lines of text resemble hairs themselves, with several texts outlining the project and the motivations behind it, translated by Arlyne Moi, hard cover in a semi-transparent dust jacket, 20 x 14 cm, 304 not numbered pages, ed/1000, (Bergen) 2019

ISBN: 978-82-8363-025-1