The N-U Niddrie Heart

Latham, John

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“The plea to preserve the whole ‘body’ is transformed in The NU Niddrie Heart into the larger ecological question of the survival of the planet, to which the subject matter of the two books contained in each piece indirectly refers. Latham has always believed that permanence lies in the idea of an ever-present universal recurrent event rather than in the physical object, and sees the planet as a uniquely “scored” event. Just as the glass in the multiple will remain after the books and other organic material in the multiple have decayed, the universe will remain long after our kind humanity has disappeared”, catalogue of sculptures made with glass sheets and books in such as a way that the books appear to be floating in the air, with an introduction by Chrissie Iles, published on the occasion of exhibitions in Stuttgart, London and Toronto, soft cover, 24 x 17 cm, 88 not numbered pages, n.p. 1992