The Sneezing Man. An Investigation Of Motion In Photography


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“At first sight, motion is the opposite of a principle characteristic of photography: stasis. But is this really the case? Through various experiments, investigations and propositions, Salvo shows that motion and stasis are intrinsically connected. Photography arrests motion in order to be recognizable as photography. But what precisely is the nature of this arrest? How do we locate their intertwining? Where does motion stop and where does photography begin?”

this second issue Periodical for Photography is “a visual thesis that attempts to find out if it is better for a photographer to stand still or to be in movement when taking a picture”, contains a series of investigative essays accompanied by many photographic case studies and illustrations, an entertaining and illuminating read;

Salvo, “a Dutch collective that publishes its Periodical for Photography since 2013, form, edition and price differ widely, depending on the self-inflicted theme of each issue”, consists of Anne Geene, Arjan de Nooy, David de Jong, Sander Uitdehaag and Vincent van Baar, text in English, soft cover, 24 x 17 cm, 88 pages, Periodical for Photography  No.2, Den Haag/Amsterdam 2014

ISBN: 978-90-820291-3-6