The Soap Bubble Strategy

Johannessen, Kurt

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The Soap Bubble Strategy is book no. 3 in The Teeny Tiny series. The book is based on material from the performancelecture The Disappearance of the Soap Bubble (2007). Together with the experiences from the About Something series, one can look at the soap bubble breathing in and breathing out with new eyes. A strategy can then be found that can have major positive consequences for those who are willing to internalize it, which in turn can lead to societal upheavals if many people see this new way of taking in information from everything.”

Schematic drawings and handwritten, mantra-like texts about our relationship with our surroundings.

Soft cover in dust jacket, 15 x 11 cm, 32 not numbered pages, ed/300, no.3 in The Teeny Tiny series, Bergen 2024

ISBN: 978-82-8363-048-0